Lighting replacement work and car park resurfacing this summer

There are two major building improvement projects taking place this summer which will cause some degree of disruption for library users.

Lighting replacement work – from 22nd June until end September

Over the course of the summer, the lighting on the ground floor and first floor in the library is due to be replaced. This is a continuation of the project which replaced the mezzanine lighting last summer, and which will conclude with the top floor in 2016. The outline of the schedule as currently set is as follows:

  • Monday 22nd June – Friday 7th August: ground floor
  • Week beginning 10th August: entrance foyer
  • Monday 17th August – end September: first floor

As the work proceeds, we will need to temporarily close off parts of the library to readers. This will include the shelves on the first floor in sections, during which time we will offer a fetching service for books located in the closed areas. Keep an eye on the blog, twitter, and signs in the library throughout the summer for details on what’s closed off when. The electricians will do their best to keep noise to a minimum.

Car park resurfacing – 15th June-17th July

The car park between the RAI and the Chemistry Research Laboratory will be re-landscaped from 15th June for approximately five weeks. Pedestrian access to the RAI will be maintained at all times, along with as much cycle parking as practical (though the exact location of the bike racks may move about while the work takes place). It is possible that this work will be noisy at times and may be audible inside, particularly if the weather is warm and windows are open.

We apologise for the disruption these two building projects will cause.

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