Lighting replacement work update: work moving to first floor Monday 17th August

The lighting replacement work will be moving upstairs to the first floor on Monday 17th August for the rest of the summer vacation. As the work proceeds, parts of the first floor will need to be closed off to readers. The electricians hope to be able to close off sections rather than the whole floor at once, but this may change. We will continue to post updates as notices in the library and on our twitter feed.

Access to books with shelfmarks F-Z, xF-xZ and current journal display

If you need books that are in closed sections of the first floor, please ask staff and we will fetch them for you. We will aim to fetch books on request, but please bear with us if we are not able to get them for you straight away.

The current journals display will be compressed as the electricians will need to block off part of the seating area next to it where the circuit boards are located, but the display itself should remain accessible throughout.

Desks and seating

The lights above the desks will also be replaced, so access to these will also be closed off at points over the remainder of the summer. There will inevitably be some level of noise as the electricians work, and most of the lights will be switched off, so we would advise sitting either on the mezzanine or the top floor for the rest of the summer if you wish to work undisturbed.

Alternative toilet facilities

If access is closed off to the toilets on the first floor, alternative toilets may be found on the lower ground floor of the building.

Apologies for the disruption and thank you for your patience while this work takes place!

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