New: Gallup Analytics

Thanks to the Social Science Library, Oxford users now have access to Gallup Analytics.

A searchable resource of unique public opinion data and analysis compiled by Gallup, Inc., this database includes answers to more than 125,000 questions and responses from more than 3.5 million people interviewed in the United States since 1935. Analysis of new data and historical trends at country, state and city levels is available via the Gallup World Poll, Gallup Daily Tracking and Gallup Brain databases. Topic areas include:

  • gallupanalyticseconomic confidence
  • employment
  • entrepreneurial energy
  • confidence in leadership
  • confidence in military and police
  • religion
  • food access
  • corruption
  • freedom of media
  • life evaluations

As well as United States data, global tracking data is also available since 2005 for an additional 160 countries. Users are able to create custom tables and export data.

To find historic content (pre-2008), click on ‘Gallup Brain’ in the bottom right-hand corner.


Available via OxLIP+. Please note that access is limited to one user at a time across the Bodleian Libraries, so make sure you close your browser when you have finished using the resource. Gallup polling data can also be found in iPoll (also available via OxLIP+).

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