RSL Decant and Consultation Papers – Update

The following information regards recent updates which have been made to the consultation papers and online feedback form deadline.

The History Addendum (pdf) has been updated to outline the latest planning, some in response to feedback already received. It also includes additional book move plans following the realisation that in fact 70% of the RSL collections will need to be on the open shelves (as opposed to 60% as originally envisaged).

As a result of this change, the consultation period has been extended to 23 October midday.

The updated Proposal and Consultation papers for the RSL Decant Project, 2020-21 are now available for you to view on the VHL webpage. They include the current plans proposed for the VHL, issues already identified, and the mitigations which will be put in place. We encourage you to view these documents before providing your feedback.

You are welcome to provide your feedback to us in person at one of our upcoming Consultation Meetings (see below) or through our online survey, which now closes on the 23rd October, midday. The survey is anonymous, and you would only need to provide details of your faculty and year of academic study.

Any issues or questions about the consultation process can be directed to Bethan Davies, Vere Harmsworth Librarian:

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