RSL Decant 2020-21: Ground Floor Book Moves

As part of the RSL Decant to VHL Project 2020-21, titles are being moved in order to create space for RSL titles. The Vere Harmsworth Library will aim to update you about the moves as soon as possible, and to provide assistance in finding any titles you require.

The Bodleian Libraries PADS team, who are managing the book moves, will aim to do most of their work in the early morning (7am-9am), to avoid disturbing Readers as much as possible. However, please be aware that there may be some noise or disruption the library during this time.

Internal moves within the VHL Library will be updated on the Library catalogue as soon as possible. If you are having difficulty with finding any of your titles, please ask at the Library Information Desk. We apologise for any disruption or inconvenience caused to Readers at this time.

Further information on the proposed book moves and a title list of relegated journals and reference titles can be found in the RSL Decant Consultation documents on the VHL website. 

As of the 4th November, 2019, the following primary source titles have been moved on the Ground Floor:

  • Readers Guide to Periodical Literature, 1900-1969 (v.1-v. 28)
  • The Territorial Papers of the United States, 1934 (v. 1 -v. 26)
  • Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States (up to President Barack Obama, volume 1.)
  • Official Congressional Directory, 1925, 2007-9.
  • Documents on American Foreign Relations, 1938/39-1964,1970
  • Foreign Relations of the United States: Diplomatic Papers [FRUS], 1925-
  • Treaties and other International Acts of the United States of America, 1931- (v.1-v.8)
  • Documentary history of the First Federal Congress of the United States of America, 1972- (v.1-v.22)
  • The documentary History of Ratification of the Constitution, 1972- (v.1 -v. 29)
  • Library of Congress – Journal of the Continental Congress, 1941- (v.1 – v. 34)
  • U.S. Treaties & other International Agreements, 1950-
  • The American Oxonian, 1914-
  • British Parliamentary Papers: United States of America, 1971 (v.1 -v.10)
  • United States News, 1933-1948 (v. 8 – v. 24)
  • Journal of the Senate of the United States of America, 1964-1978, 1981

Other moves affecting the Ground Floor include:

  • The Congressional Record has been moved into the VHL Stack, and is available by request (please include details such as the Congress/Volume that you require.) Please note that the Bodleian Library also provides online access to the Congressional Record.
  • Items from the Microfilm collection have been moved to the BSF. Collections which have been moved are either collections where we have complete, stable online access, or other collections within the Bodleian Libraries. Microfilm cards can still be requested by Readers to be viewed in certain Bodleian Libraries.
  • The Reference collection has been relegated in line with Appendix C in the RSL Decant History Addendum, as part of the Consultation Process. The current collection is currently housed in the second to last island bay on the Ground Floor. Please refer to the Information Desk if you are having trouble finding any specific titles.

If you are struggling to find any specific titles, please ask at the Information Desk, or email For further information about the RSL Decant, email Bethan Davies, VHL Librarian at

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