Changes to wireless network access

Following the upgrade of our wireless service this morning, there is now a choice of ways to access the wireless network in the VHL. When you start up your computer, it will now pick up three wireless networks which you can connect to:

  • Bodleian-Libraries: This is now the preferred option, and can be accessed without the need for VPN software. After you have connected to OULS-reader in the list of available networks, open up your web browser. You will be taken to a page where you will be prompted to enter your library card barcode and password. This is the same password as you would use to place stack requests via OLIS. Once authenticated, the full range of network resources will be available to you. NB, if your password is the same as your barcode this system will not accept it and you will need to change it via OLIS. Once changed, there will be a delay of up to 30 minutes before you can access the network. 
  • OWL: If you are used to connecting to the wireless via OWL-VPN you can continue to do so!
  • Eduroam: If you are an external reader and have an Eduroam account from your home institution, you can use this to connect via the Eduroam network. Please note however that this will only give you access to the resources subscribed to by your home institution, and NOT Oxford’s. If you wish to access Oxford’s resources, please log in to OULS-reader.

Wireless for external (non-University) readers

We are now finally able to offer access to the wireless network for non-University members. If you are an external reader (ie, your library card is any colour other than blue!) and you would like to be able to connect your laptop to the internet in the VHL, please ask at the desk and we will issue you with an account username and password. This will allow you access via the OWL-VISITOR network.

Things to note:

  • Visitor accounts are short-term and all accounts issued will expire in December. If you want to continue using the wireless network next term you will need to re-register in January.
  • Access to the wireless network will not guarantee you access to all the University’s electronic resources. Most subscribed e-resources are IP-authenticated and therefore will not be available via the wireless network.
  • There is effectively no technical support for this service as OUCS will not support non-University members.