Microform subject guide now available online

The list of microforms available in the library arranged roughly by subject (the big black folders that live on top of the cabinets) can now also be viewed online.   The online version is just a Google Docs version of the master spreadsheet, so to navigate between different subjects you need to click on the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

I have also extracted and uploaded the list of newspapers we have on microfilm separately.  The links to access both of these lists can be found on our website and also directly below:

Microfilm scanner/PC out of action

The PC that is linked to the microfilm scanner is broken and has been taken away to be fixed.  We hope to have it back in full working order in a few days, but while it is gone, it will not be possible to scan from microfilms or print via the PC.   You can still use the microfilm scanner as a reader, and if you do need to print, you can do so from the microfilm reader next to the cabinets, at a cost of 25p per page. 

New microcard reader

We have a new microcard reader in the library, for opaque microcards such as in the Travels in the Old South and Travels in the New South collections. It should be an improvement on the old one with its dodgy focus! It is still not possible to print from microcards however.

Travels in the West and Southwest – list of uncatalogued microfiches now available

Last year, we found a large set of microfiches from the Travels in the West and Southwest collection which had been purchased back in the 1970s and had never been catalogued. We purchased catalogue records for approximately half of the fiches in the summer and loaded them into OLIS, but were unable to obtain records for the rest. It may take us a while to get these catalogued, but we have just found an interim solution to make a list of the titles available for browsing so that these fiches are accessible. We are using My WorldCat to create an online list which is available for viewing at: http://www.worldcat.org/profiles/vhllib/lists/52208. It may take us a couple of weeks to get all the titles on there – if you are keen to follow our progress you can even subscribe to the feed and be notified of our progress as we add more!

Once we have completed the list, we will put the fiches out in the drawer at shelfmark Micr. USA 454 (with the catalogued ones), and be able to add the titles to our subject and title lists.