AKS collection 2012

This year’s set of books purchased as part of the AKS collection have arrived and are now available in the library. Each year, the American Association of Rhodes Scholars generously pays for the library to purchase approximately 100 books in memory of Frank Aydelotte (first American Secretary of the Rhodes Scholarships), Paul Kieffer (President of the American Association of Rhodes Scholars, 1957-1969), and Courtney Smith (second American Secretary of the Rhodes Scholarships).

The books are kept on display by the entrance to the library for a year. Thereafter they are moved upstairs and shelved as part of the main collection.  The books currently on display separately can be identified by the prefix AKS to their shelfmark.

This year’s acquisitions may be found on SOLO by searching for AKS in the shelfmark, or clicking on this link.

We are ever grateful to the American Association of Rhodes Scholars for funding this collection.

New books for June

With apologies for the delay, the list of new books received in the library during June (selection displayed above) is now available on our website and LibraryThing page. A reminder that you can always see a selection of recently acquired books in the library on the sidebar of this blog and on our Facebook page (click on ‘LibraryThing’ on the left-hand side). You can also subscribe to an RSS feed of our new books from this link: http://www.librarything.com/rss/recent/vhllib.