The AKS collection: new books for 2010

Each year, the American Association of Rhodes Scholars pays for a batch of new books to be purchased to add to the Adeloytte-Kieffer-Smith (AKS) collection at the VHL.   The AKS books are intended to have wider interest than the purely academic focus of most of our holdings, and the most recent year’s acquisitions are kept on the shelves just to your left as you enter the library. Older volumes are shelved as part of the main collection upstairs.  The 2010 additions to the collection are now available in the library, and can also be browsed on SOLO.

New books for April

The list of new books received in the library is now available on our website.  LibraryThing is clearly in the Bank Holiday mood and isn’t being as speedy about the uploading as it normally is, so the list on there isn’t yet available (and therefore likewise the pretty display of covers for the blog and Facebook), but I’m sure they’ll appear in due course on our page!