Changes to photocopying and printing coming soon

OULS photocopying and printing facilities will soon be changing. In January new services such as scan to email will be available and the way you pay will also be changing. We suggest you do not put too much credit on existing photocopy cards this term, and if you need to buy a new one, please note these now only cost 50p for the initial credit (ie, there is no longer any charge on the card itself).

Keep an eye out for new information over the next few months that will explain the changes in more detail!

New photocopier

Our photocopier is due to be replaced with a new one at some point tomorrow. We hope that the replacement will be quick, but there may be a short period when copying will not be possible as they take the old one out and get the new one set up.

Printing and photocopying survey

A message from OULS:

As part of a review of the Oxford University Library Service’s printing and copying facilities, we have put together a questionnaire and would be grateful if you could spare some time to fill it in and provide some feedback.

The survey closes midnight Sunday June 21st, after which there will be a prize draw for an MP3 player and USB sticks.

Please find the link to the survey on the OULS webpage, or go directly to it here.

New photocopier

I am delighted to announce that the Great Photocopier Saga is finally over! A new copier was installed in the library this morning, which offers A3 and double-sided copying as well.

Thanks for all your patience over the last month or so!

New Year News

Happy New Year to all our readers! The library is now open again for 2008.

A couple of bits of news to start off the new year:

Photocopier update III: the saga continues

The photocopier is stubbornly resisting all attempts by the Xerox engineer to fix it. He is now calling in the expert photocopier repair man, who will hopefully be here in the next couple of days to see if he can do any better.

We apologise for the continued interruption to the service (needless to say we are just as frustrated as you are!) and we will continue to copy for you if you have urgent photocopying requirements.

Photocopier update continued…

I’m sorry to have to report the photocopier is still not working. The engineer has been this morning with the new parts but the copier stubbornly refuses to come back to life, so he will be back tomorrow with more new parts. We’re keeping our fingers crossed and praying to the photocopying gods for mercy…

Photocopier update

Mixed news for all of you waiting with baited breath for the resurrection of our dead photocopier. The good news is the Xerox engineer has finally come to look at it. The bad news is it needs new parts and so will be out of action for another couple of days. If you have urgent photocopying requirements, please let staff know – we have made arrangements with the RAI to use their machine in the meantime.

I’m sure you will all be delighted to hear that we are in the home strait with this ancient and cranky machine, and will be getting a new copier in January.