New photocopying payment system delayed

As you may be aware, a new system for photocopying and printing across the Bodleian Libraries was due to be introduced during the Easter vacation.   Unfortunately the change to the new system has had to be delayed and is now expected to take place over the summer.   We’ll update you further when we know more, but for now be assured that nothing is changing yet with the way you pay for your photocopying and printing in the library.

Printing and photocopying survey

A message from OULS:

As part of a review of the Oxford University Library Service’s printing and copying facilities, we have put together a questionnaire and would be grateful if you could spare some time to fill it in and provide some feedback.

The survey closes midnight Sunday June 21st, after which there will be a prize draw for an MP3 player and USB sticks.

Please find the link to the survey on the OULS webpage, or go directly to it here.