Disruption to stack requests from VHL stack

The printer which produces our stack request slips (which tell us when a reader has requested a book from the VHL stack) has stopped working today. We have reported it to IT support and hope it will be fixed soon, but until then we will not get notified if anyone places a request for a book from our stack.  If you would like to call up books, we can still do so manually – please come into the library and ask at the desk.

Change to ordering periodicals from the Bodleian bookstacks: use of unlisted part option

With the move of periodicals to the new Book Storage Facility at Swindon, there is a change to the way in which these should be ordered. The catalogue entry on OLIS for periodicals in Swindon will list each individual section available to order. Each part required needs to be ordered separately by selecting the appropriate section from the list, rather than using the “unlisted part” option.

As some periodicals are yet to be moved to Swindon, it is not currently possible to remove the “unlisted part” option; this may still appear on catalogue entries where all the individual sections are listed. Using the unlisted part option where all sections are listed will lead to the cancellation of your request, as the request generated cannot be recognised by the system. Please consult staff if you need assistance ordering periodicals.

Timetable for switchover to new library system, June-July 2011

This is a draft timetable for the major points to note throughout June and July as the Bodleian Libraries move over to our new library system (see previous post).

31st May: Please let us have any book purchase recommendations by this date. 

1st-17th June: Reduced purchasing.

18th June – 17th July: No purchasing. If you have urgent requests, please let us know and we will see what we can do!

1st- 7th July: Put your stack requests in now for the downtime, and familiarise yourself with SOLO (if you haven’t already!)

7th July: Last day for stack requests. Make sure you know your OLIS password (for logging on to PCs, placing stack requests, renewing loans) – passwords cannot be reset 8th-17th July.

8th July: OLIS switched off at 17:00. Beginning of transfer of data to new system. Withdrawal of character-based catalogue (ie, telnet OLIS).

8th-17th July: switchover


  • Existing catalogue (SOLO), allowing bibliographic searching, location of open-shelf material.
  • Borrowing (via back-up system, ie, not recording transactions on OLIS). 

Not functioning:

  • Stack request
  • Other circulation functions 
  • Password resets

18th July: OLIS (Aleph) goes live at 09:00.

Important information: switchover to new library system, July 2011

The Bodleian Libraries is implementing a new Integrated Library System this summer which will provide enhanced catalogue, circulation and acquisitions functionality for users and staff.

From 8 – 18 July 2011, while implementation is taking place, all Bodleian Libraries will remain open subject to usual vacation hours, open-stack materials will be available, SOLO will be live (although with reduced functionality), and e-resources will continue to be available. However, from 5pm on Thursday 7 July to 9am on Monday 18 July while the new system is being implemented, it will not be possible to order items from the closed stacks and the catalogue will not be updated, although it will be available to view using SOLO. Readers planning a visit to the Bodleian Libraries during this period are advised to order material in advance by Friday 1 July.

Most Special Collections materials currently held in the Radcliffe Science Library and material kept in the VHL stack or the Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House stack can be ordered manually for consultation locally but readers planning a visit to view Special Collections during this period in July are advised to contact Special Collections at scrr@bodleian.ox.ac.uk

From 17 June – 17 July, purchasing of new library material will also be suspended.  If you have recommendations of books for us to buy, please let us have them by the end of May (or early June at the latest) if you need us to get them before mid-July.

For more information on the switchover to the new system, please see the Bodleian Libraries’ website. Please contact us or reader.services@bodleian.ox.ac.uk if you have questions about the downtime or how to order in advance. Readers with admissions queries should contact admissions@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

Easter/Bank holiday hours and bookstack deliveries

Our opening hours over the Easter weekend and the Bank Holidays that follow are:

  • Friday 22nd April: closed
  • Monday 25th April: closed
  • Friday 29th April: open 9am-7pm
  • Monday 2nd May: open 9am-7pm
  • Monday 30th May: open 9am-7pm

We’ve been informed by the Bodleian that there will only be a limited bookstack delivery service on the bank holidays. If you want to consult material from the Bodleian stack on those days, please make sure you order it a few days in advance to ensure it gets here beforehand.

Other libraries may have altered or reduced opening hours on these days – check the Bodleian Libraries website or individual library websites for more information.

Disruption to stack requests at the VHL

We’ve come in this morning to find that our printer has died over the weekend.  This is the printer that produces the slips for stack requests here at the VHL, so if you have requested any books since Saturday morning we may not know about it!  If you do want to request books from the VHL stack, then the only way to do so until the printer is fixed is to come into the library and fill out a manual request slip; alternatively feel free to send us an email or give us a ring if you want to request books ahead of time.   We hope that the printer will be fixed soon, but please bear with us for now!

Stack requests from elsewhere in the Bodleian Libraries will not be affected by this and should arrive here as normal.

UPDATE: All fixed, so you can put stack requests in via OLIS in the normal way once more.

Early closing all this week (5pm)

An update on opening hours with the severe weather.  It has been decided that all Bodleian Libraries will close at 5pm each day this week.  If the weather gets any worse this may change, and we’ll let you know if and when that happens.

We have not had any deliveries from the Bodleian van today, and if the weather continues as is I wouldn’t expect them for the rest of the week.

Early closing today – Monday 20th December

Due to the snow, all Bodleian Libraries (including us) will be closing by 5pm today.   A decision will be made later about opening hours for the rest of the week, and we’ll let you know as soon as we know ourselves.

The Bodleian van hasn’t made it to us yet this morning with the stack requests, and I’m not sure whether it will, although we haven’t heard yet officially.  But if you were expecting stack books here today you might want to save yourself the trudge in!

Stack request downtime – Monday 20th December

The OLIS stack request facility will be unavailable from 6pm on Monday 20th December until the following morning, so that essential file maintenance can take place.  Apologies for any inconvenience – if you would like stack books delivered to the VHL on Tuesday morning, please make sure to get your requests in before 6pm on Monday.

Bodleian Libraries book moves

A message from the Bodleian Libraries:

From October 2010, the Bodleian Libraries will start to move 6.5 million items to the new Book Storage Facility. Items being moved will be temporarily unavailable. Any item in transit will be marked with the status “Book Moves” on OLIS/SOLO.

If the item you require has the status “Book Moves” you can:

  • Search SOLO/OLIS to see if an electronic version or alternative edition is available
  • Delay your request, if your need is not urgent, and re-order your item once its location has been updated – shown in the status bar on SOLO/OLIS as “In place”
  • Go ahead and order the item via ASR – our dedicated team will see if an alternative copy is available and will contact you.

If you would like to contact our support team directly, please email move@bodleian.ox.ac.uk

See http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/about/projects/book-moves for more details or ask a librarian for help.

Thanks for your patience as we move forward with this major project.