RSL Decant 2020-21: Oversize and general book moves update

As part of the RSL Decant 2020-21, a number of works will need to be completed in the VHL to make space for RSL Readers and books. This includes a number of internal book moves. The Bodleian will try to ensure that these moves cause as little disruption as possible to VHL Readers.

At the end of this week, the following changes have taken place on the First and Second Floor.

  • All Oversize titles are now located on the First Floor (on the side closest to the Lift). Oversize materials have an x at the front of their Call numbers (for example xA 124 .B45 2000). If you are unsure if the book you are searching for is oversize or not, ask at the enquiry desk.
  • The rest of the titles on the First and Second Floor have been moved along the shelves to fill up empty shelf space, and create room for the RSL Collections. Readers may notice that some titles have been moved a few shelves along, but should still be available and on the same floor.

The Librarian will inform Readers if any further book moves between the 1st and 2nd Floor take place.

Other book moves which have taken place include:

Ground Floor

  • The Congressional Record has been moved into the VHL Stack, and is available by request (please include details such as the Congress/Volume that you require.) Please note that the Bodleian Library also provides online access to the Congressional Record.
  • A number of primary sources have been moved to the Ground Floor. Please check our previous blogpost on the Ground Floor book moves for more information. 
  • Items from the Microfilm collection have been moved to the BSF. Collections which have been moved are either collections where we have complete, stable online access, or other collections within the Bodleian Libraries. Microfilm cards can still be requested by Readers to be viewed in certain Bodleian Libraries.
  • Because of this, several Microfilm cabinets have been removed. The remaining cabinets have been reorganised.
  • The Reference collection has been relegated in line with Appendix C in the RSL Decant History Addendum, as part of the Consultation Process. The current collection is currently housed in the second to last island bay on the Ground Floor. Please refer to the Information Desk if you are having trouble finding any specific titles.
  • Metal shelving has been installed on the wall of the Godfrey Hodgson Study Room, to accommodate further book moves.

If you are struggling to find any specific titles, please ask at the Information Desk, or email For further information about the RSL Decant, email Bethan Davies, VHL Librarian at