WUHMO 2011 Trinity Term Seminar Series

Trinity Term 2011 Seminar Series
Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine,
Seminar Room, 47 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PE
Mondays at 2pm
Disease and Changing Environments
Convener: Dr Erica Charters
Week 1 – 2 May
Bank Holiday – No Seminar
Week 2 – 9 May
Jane Webster, University of Newcastle
Air, Space and Water Enough: Perceptions of African “Hardiness” in the Eighteenth-century Slave Trade
Week 3 – 16 May
Rosemary Wall, King’s College London
Constructing Colonial Public Health Nurses: Encounters with Training, Practice and Environments in 1920s Britain, North America and Malaya
Week 4 – 23 May
Ulrich Tröhler, University of Bern
Medical History Textbooks and Review Articles too often fail to Take Account of Progress in Historical Research
Week 5 – 30 May
Bank Holiday – No Seminar
Week 6 – 6 June
Kate Marsh, University of Liverpool
‘Rights of the Individual’, Indentured Labour and Indian Workers: Medical Discourse and the Slavery Debate in the French Antilles post-1848
Week 7 – 13 June
Paul Slack, University of Oxford
Plague in Europe 1350-1750: Some Reflections
Week 8 – 20 June
Lisa Smith, University of Saskatchewan
Debility and the Limits of Health Decision-making in Eighteenth-century England and France
For details of other events please see http://www.wuhmo.ox.ac.uk/events/index.htm

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