Wellcome Unit Seminars on Global and Local Approaches to the History of Medicine

The following seminars will be held at 47 Banbury Road on Mondays 2.15pm-4.00pm, with coffee available from 2.00pm.  All are welcome.

WUHMO HT 2012 Seminar poster‘Global and Local Approaches to the History of Medicine’

Week 2 23 January – Nina Studer, University of Zurich ‘Medical Descriptions of a Social Construct: Sleeping Pregnancies and the Colonial Maghreb’

Week 3 30 January – Luke Gibbon, University of Strathclyde ‘Sir John Campbell and the Opium Advisory Committee – British Indian Opium Policy and the League of Nations 1919-1925’

Week 4 6 February – Gemma Angel, University College London TBA

Week 5 13 February – Simon Roffey, University of Winchester ‘Recent Excavations at the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, Winchester’

Week 6 20 February – Aya Homei, University of Manchester ‘An American Gaze at Population Control in Postwar Japan’

Week 7 27 February – Shane Doyle, University of Leeds ‘Changing patterns of disease and mortality in Uganda, 1920-1980’

Week 8 5 March – Georgina Endfield, University of Nottingham ‘Missionary Discourses and Tropical Pathologies’

Conveners: Dr Sloan Mahone and Kathleen Vongsathorn, DPhil Candidate Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine

Details of all Wellcome Unit events can be found at: www.wuhmo.ox.ac.uk

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