New books in the Wellcome Unit Library

We have some new books in the library this month on a wide variety of topic.  You can check out our latest acquisitions on LibraryThing or come into the Library and browse of new books display in Library Room 1. To arrange an appointment to visit the Library, please contact us.

Books that have arrived this month include:

spitting blogSpitting Blood: the History of Tuberculosis by Helen Bynum (OUP, 2012)
WEL shelfmark RC309.A1 BYN 2012

Bynum’s book spans from the ancient world to the continued struggle to combat tuberculosis today. Richard Evans gives a positive review of Spitting Blood in Times Higher Education.  Chapter 1 is available to read online as a PDF on the OUP website.

Other related books in the Wellcome:

  • Experiment Eleven: Deceit and Betrayal in the Discovery of the Cure for Tuberculosis by Peter Pringle RM666.S573 PRI 2012
  • Disease, Class and Social Change: Tuberculosis in Folkestone and Sandgate, 1880-1930 by Marc Arnold RA644.T7 ARN 2012
  • Tuberculosis and the Victorian Literary Imagination by Katherine Byrne PR149.T83 B97 BYR 2011

rabidRabid: A Cultural History of the World’s Most Diabolical Virus by Bill Wasik and Monica Murphy (Viking, 2012)
WEL shelfmark RC148 WAS 2012

Like Bynum, Wasik and Murphy track the history of rabies from early Mesopotamia through to the 21st century.  Written by a journalist and a veterinarian, this is a very accessible text, but nonetheless goes beyond gory stories and lists a wide variety of academic sources in its bibliography.

Read a review and listen to a podast interview with the authors on NPR.

Other related books in the Wellcome

  • Mad Dogs and Englishmed by Neil Pemberton and Michael Worboys RA644.R3 PEM 2007
  • Mad dogs and Meerkats by Karen Brown RA644.R3 BRO 2011

seaHealth, Medicine and the Sea: Australian Voyages c.1815-1860 by Katherine Foxhall (Manchester University Press, 2012)
WEL shelfmark HV8950.A8 FOX 2012

Katherine Foxhall’s book traces the journeys of travellers from Britain to Austrialia, using their journey as the structure for her text.  She also discusses the health of convicts.  Examples of individuals are used to highlight her text. Foxhall examines how the changing environment on the journey to Austrialia affects conceptions of health.

Related books in the Wellcome:

  • Health and Medicine at Sea 1700-1900 by David Haycock and Sally Archer RC986 HEA 2009
  • Doctors at Sear: Emigrant Voyages to Colonia Australia by Robin Haines RA553 HAI 2005

The Great Manchurian Plague of 1910-1911: the Geopolitics of an Epidemic Disease by William Summers (Yale University Press, 2012)
WEL shelfmark RC178.C6 SUM 2012

Returning to the realm of infectious diseases, Summers’ book focuses on political and economic aspects of the plague, which involved Chinese, Japanese, Russian and  powers.

Related book in the Wellcome:

  • Health and Hygiene in Chinese East Asia: Politics and Publics in the Long Twentieth Century by Qizi Liang and Charlotte Furth RA527 HEA 2010

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