Wellcome Unit Seminar today 13 May by Stephen Jacyna

Colour lithograph by J.-J. Waltz (Hansi), 1905. Credit: Wellcome Library, London.

Colour lithograph by J.-J. Waltz (Hansi), 1905. Credit: Wellcome Library, London.

Trinity Term 2013 History of Medicine Seminar Series
Medical Conceptions of Self-control and Social Control

Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine,
Seminar Room, 47 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6PE

The seminars are on Mondays at 2.15pm
Coffee will be available from 2.00pm

Week 4 – 13 May
Stephen Jacyna, University College LondonS
La Propriété de soi: the Political Economy of the Self in Post-revolutionary France

About the speaker
Dr Stephen Jacyna has published a biography of the British neurologist, Sir Henry Head (1861-1940).  His other research interests include the history of histology in the nineteenth century with special reference to the formation of expertise and the adjudication of disputes within communities of microscopic observers. His current research deals with the impact of developments in neuroscientific research and the emergence of the specialty of clinical neurology upon the wider culture.  In particular, he is interested in interactions between patients and neurologists in the period following 1860.  Themes to be explored include: the phenomenology of neurological illness, the literary forms in which these experiences are conveyed, the use of “exemplary” patients as objects of scientific study, and the fluid boundary between “functional” and “organic” nervous disorders. He has also recently begun a new project that will explore the relations between developments in neuroanatomy and psychology in nineteenth-century France.

Selected Publications

Related publications in the Wellcome Unit Library

  • L LaPointe, Paul Broca and the origins of language in the brain (Plural Publishing, 2013) WEL copy at RC339.52.B758 LAP 2013
  • A Hustvedt, Medical muses : hysteria in nineteenth-century Paris (Norton & Co, 2011) WEL copy at RC339.52.C453 HUS 2011
  • L Salisbury & A Shail (eds.), Neurology and modernity : a cultural history of nervous systems, 1800-1950 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010) WEL copy at RC338 NEU 2010
  • J Verplaetse, Localising the moral sense : neuroscience and the search for the cerebral seat of morality 1800-1930 (Springer, 2009) WEL copy at RC343 VER 2009

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