Wellcome Unit Seminar, Monday 27 October

Michaelmas Term 2014 Seminar Series
‘Disease, Health, and Medicine since 1800’
Convener: Professor Mark Harrison, University of Oxford

Week 3 – 27 October

At: The Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Seminar Room, 47 Banbury Road, Oxford

Coffee is available from 2.00pm – Seminars begin at 2.15pm prompt

Dr Tudor Georgescu, Oxford Brookes
‘Integrating the periphery: A history of Transylvanian Saxon medicine between Budapest, Bucharest, and Berlin, 1887-1944.’

Tudor Georgescu is currently a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on the Wellcome Trust funded Programme Grant investigating ‘Disputed Bodies: Subject’s narratives of medical research in Europe, 1940-2001’ at Oxford Brookes University, and an Associate Lecturer of the Department of History, Philosophy and Religion and its Centre for Health Medicine and Society.

His core research interests revolve around the emergence of eugenic and fascist movements amongst interwar German ethnic minorities more widely and, in particular, the Transylvanian Saxons in Romania that were the subject of his PhD. The doctoral thesis sought to explore how ethnic minorities interpreted and appropriated the eugenic promise of a healthier, better, nation, and the degree to which the Transylvanian Saxons produced and empowered an indigenous agenda of national regeneration. Tracing these themes on the medicalised, politicised, and certainly instrumentalised body into the post-war era, his recent research has revolved around the construction of medical bioethics, with a particular focus on the issues surrounding reproductive medicine and the spectre of ‘bioslavery’ that emerged in response to a rapidly evolving biotechnical landscape.

Selected publications

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