The McGovern Lecture 2014

The McGovern Lecture 2014

Green Templeton’s annual lecture in the history of medicine
Thursday 6 November – 18:00-19:30

Venue: EP Abraham Lecture Theatre, Green Templeton College, Oxford
Dr Bryant Boutwell, University of Texas Health Science Centre at Houston

‘John P McGovern and his Oxford Connections’

Green Templeton’s annual lecture in the history of medicine.

Speaker: Dr Bryant Boutwell, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Boutwell,Bryant, studio portrait

This lecture will highlight the impact of Sir William Osler and Osler’s American student, Wilburt Davison, who trained with Osler at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and became the founding dean of Duke University School of Medicine where a young Jack McGovern came to train in the early 1940s. The influence of the Oxford/Osler/Davison connection changed McGovern’s life with positive implications on medical education to this day. Eight years after his death, Dr McGovern continues to touch our medical community on a global scale as the author’s stories of his life-and the back stories-will tell.

The Osler-McGovern Centre at Green Templeton College, Oxford University, the John P McGovern Health Museum in Houston, the McGovern Annual Lecture of the American Osler Society, the McGovern Library and Lectureship at the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C., McGovern endowed humanities programs at University of Texas medical schools in Houston and Galveston, the McGovern Award at the Smithsonian, the McGovern-Davison Children’s Health Center at Duke, Houston’s McGovern Children’s Zoo and McGovern Library … this list barely scratches the surface of the man’s legacy.

John P McGovern, M.D.(1921-2007) was described by his many friends in a 1980 festschrift with such words as: “brilliant clinician”, “revered professor”,  “insightful researcher”, “prolific author”,  “skilled administrator”, “dedicated medical historian”, “enlightened scholar”,  “concerned humanitarian”,  “gifted speaker”, “lifetime student”, “loyal friend”, and “devoted husband”.   Above all else, he was an Oslerian. While he died on 31 May 2007, just two days short of his 86th birthday, his legacy continues through the generosity of the foundation he created and grew.

This presentation provide the biographer’s perspective of knowing McGovern and researching the stories of his life to produce his biography, John P McGovern, M.D.: A Lifetime of Stories, recently published in 2014.  The book represents nearly four years of personal interviews with dozens of friends and colleagues along with a detailed review of his vast archives now located at the Texas Medical Center’s Historical Research Center.

Dr Boutwell has served the institutions of Houston’s Texas Medical Center for nearly 40 years.  He is the first holder of the John P McGovern Professorship in Oslerian Medicine at The University of Texas Medical School in Houston.  In 2013 he was recognised as a Distinguished Teaching Professor by The University of Texas System. His biography of his friend and colleague, John P McGovern, was published in 2014 and will be the focus of this presentation.

Venue: E P Abraham Lecture Theatre, GTC. No booking required.

At 09:30-11:00 the following morning there will be a seminar:
‘Sir William Osler: Connecting the dots’
at which Dr Boutwell will be present, to discuss the continuing legacy of Oslerian medicine.

Convenor: Professor Mark Harrison
Venue: Osler-McGovern Centre of Green Templeton College, 13 Norham Gardens.

All are welcome to attend