Wellcome Unit Seminars, Monday 24th November

Michaelmas Term 2014 Seminar Series
‘Disease, Health, and Medicine since 1800’
Convener: Professor Mark Harrison, University of Oxford

Week 7 – 24 November

At: The Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Seminar Room, 47 Banbury Road, Oxford

Coffee is available from 2.00pm – Seminars begin at 2.15pm prompt

Jeong-Ran Kim, University of Oxford

‘Malaria and Japanese Imperalism in Manchuria’

Dr Kim Jeong-Ran is a researcher based at the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine at the University of Oxford. JeongRan Kim

Educated at the Korean Maritime University and Kobe University, she is the author of several articles on the history of disease and public health in Korea. Moreover, her research has concentrated on port cities, particularly Busan, and the health issues associated with trade, migration and other themes which are important elements of globalization today.

She is currently working on a project which examines the relationship between disease and development in global cities funded by the Wellcome Trust and the John Fell Fund of Oxford University.

Selected Publications

Jeongran Kim ‘Modern Medical Facilities in the Japanese Settlement during the Pre-colonial period’, Sociology Journal25 (03, 2008) (In Japanese)

Jeongran Kim ‘The Politics of Hansen’s Disease in Busan during the Colonial Period’, Choseon History Association Journal 48 (10, 2010) (In Japanese)

Jeongran Kim ‘Movement of Humans and Diseases : Control of Syphilis in the Japanese Settlement during the Pre-colonial period’, Various Aspects of Coexistence 1 (03, 2011) (In Japanese)

Jeongran Kim ‘A Study of the Cholera Epidemics and Anti-epidemic Activities in Busan during the Opening port period, Focusing on the Japanese Settlement and Water supply’, Cultural Interaction Studies of Sea Port Cities 4 (04, 2011), (In Korean)

Jeongran Kim ‘Quarantine against Choseon Cows in Busan during the Opening port period’ in Matsuda Toshihiko and Jin Jeong-Won (eds) The Domination and Regional Societies in Japanese Empire (Kyoto: Sibunkaku, 2013) (In Japanese)

Jeongran Kim ‘The Borderline of ‘Empire’: Japanese Maritime Quarantine in Busan c.1876-1910’, Medical History 57 (4, 2013) (In English)

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