Wellcome Unit Seminars Hilary Term 2015: Monday 19 Jan

A new term brings the return of the Wellcome Unit Seminar Series!

‘Visual and Material Culture in the History of Medicine’
Conveners: Sloan Mahone and Erica Charters

Week 1 – 19 January

Sallie Baxendale, University College London

Epilepsy on the silver screen: A history of epilepsy in cinema

Dr Sallie Baxendale is a consultant neuropsychologist with Epilepsy Society and University College London Institute of Neurology. She has worked with people with epilepsy for 20 years.Dr Sallie Baxendale

Sallie has published over 60 scientific papers on a wide range of topics in epilepsy. Her current research interests include memory function in epilepsy, outcomes following epilepsy surgery, alternative treatments for epilepsy and the study of stigma and representations of epilepsy in the media.

Her research interests are focused on memory and epilepsy. A neuropsychological assessment is a long and often stressful procedure for a person with epilepsy to undertake. She is committed to ensuring that the results of these investigations are utilised for the maximum possible benefit for every patient, particularly in the pre-surgical setting. It is this commitment to evidence based practise that drives her research endeavours.

She has recently published a book on Epilepsy: Complementary and alternative treatments.

Coffee will be available from 14:00. Please note there is no parking available at the Unit.