Opening hours w/b 17 June 2016

Next week our opening hours will be:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 2.15pm-5pm
Wednesday: 2pm-4:30pm

As always, please contact us if you would like to visit the library. Have a splendid weekend. To celebrate Father’s Day, here’s a picture of a dedicated father rushing the doctor to an emergency by bicycle.

A man on a bicycle with a physician riding pillion...

L0074427 Credit: Wellcome Library, London A man on a bicycle with a physician riding pillion; advertising the film “When father fetched the doctor”. Colour lithograph, 191?. Lettering note: Doctor’s name-plaque on the house in the background: “Dr Spills surgeon” The doctor has grabbed his medical bag. His top hat goes flying as the father races off with him to a medical emergency. Date of the film given as 1912 in the Internet movie database but as 1915 in the British Film Institute database (both accessed 11 January 2010). Lithograph 191u By: Cricks and Martin Films. Published: Cricks & Martin Ltd.,London (Duke St., London W.C.2) :  [191-] Printed: Barway Press)(London : Size: sheet 101.5 x 75 cm. Collection: Iconographic Collections Library reference no.: Iconographic Collection 689308i Full Bibliographic Record Link to Wellcome Library Catalogue Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0